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We have leather (and a little bit of plastic) in the game


From the very beginning, the support of local producers has been very important to us. That’s why our products are created in a family firm with more than a 50-year tradition.

We are as mysterious as Steve Jobs’ turtleneck, eh?

Let’s put cards on the table. Leather plays a key role but same as every star needs its support team, our iPhone cases are protected by a thin plastic sheet. This ensures your iPhone stays safe and fits better into your hand. This also helps us provide the best quality-price ratio.


We love leather products but we feel they often lack a modern design.
We love iPhones but we don’t necessarily need to have an apple on everything.

Vítek and Kuba

1025x thank you

Every person who purchased a Lemory case or wallet supports an honest craft.

Thank you for that!