What is full grain leather?

In general, there are five basic types of leather. We use the full grain which is looked upon as the highest quality leather available.

The difference is mainly in its unique appearance, soft surface and resistance. Being the outermost layer of the hide exposed to the external elements such as air, rain, sun etc. full grain is usually very strong and smooth, developing a unique eye pleasing patina (a surface color change from use).

Top quality leather

Full grain = outermost surface of the leather hide with its natural untouched structure. It has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed to remove any imperfections or blemishes.

Surface fibers therefore remain strong and resistant. In comparison with other types of leather, full grain leather doesn't fray and keeps its shape for ages.

Family owned tannery

We decided to sell our products primarily via our own channels. This way we can provide high quality for a fair price. And more importantly we are always in contact with you - our customers. That moves us forward!

Semi-aniline treatment

Practicality is always on our mind. We therefore process the leather in a way you don´t have to take much care of it. A thin pigment layer is added to the leather together with transparent protection coating.

Advantages: long lifetime period, seamless surface.

Quality leather = patina

Leather smells nice, is resistant and like every natural materia it changes its colour and structure with the time. Patina is a proof of high-quality leather product.

And in our opinion it is the most beautiful feature of the leather because it exactly reflects your lifestyle.


Even though leather definitely plays the leading role in this story, it certainly - as every star - needs its crew: plastic sheet. It provides your iPhone more safety and a better grip and moreover, the case doesn't cost you as much as the device itself.

The best combination of plastics

Army glasses with ballistic resistance are made out of strong polycarbonate (PC). And so are the rear sides of our case. When your iPhone falls on them, the phone doesn't “jump out” of the case.

Elastic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) usually protects wires and cables. And it also covers the back of our case. If you drop your iPhone, the elasticity of the material absorbs the shocks and impacts.

Both plastics are characterized by their shape stability so in comparison with common silicone cases, our cases keep their original shape for a long time.

With emphasis on fairness

We produce plastic sheets in Shenzhen in a company with provable fair working conditions, fair salaries and with no child work. Results of the independent audits confirm the reliability of our suppliers.